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Welcome to the web’s largest trading of binary options, which is dedicated to all beginners and advanced traders, merchants and people who are looking for some form of earnings on the Internet. Trading binary options offer very interesting opportunity to earn some money, you can, so every month can earn some bit extra. The big advantage of binary options lies in the fact that you can start a business with very little capital starting from $10; it is in fact a minimum deposit of one option with a Broker.


Everyone can do binary option trading, since the initial deposit does not have anywhere to put any excess investment. Although anyone can trade, trading successfully everyone already can not cope. It’s about patience, lifestyle, cool head and not the pursuit of illusions rich.

After reading this review you will be familiar with how beneficial Copy Buffett, a binary options trading softwares is, how much types of binary options which you can trade and how this binary trading software works in practice, not just on a demo account. Unlike direct buying stocks or commodities, which is often only the prerogative very rich people can start binary options trading. Imagine, for example, instead bought a pack of cigarettes or drinking 10 beers will be a long-term trade binary options , if you will do it regularly, you will suffice success in appreciation to option 85% -> Only 56% = almost half of transactions may fail and you will still profit in the long term, you’ll save on cigarettes. It is obvious illustrative example, but certainly each of us has a bad habit for which needlessly throwing away money.

The correct choice of broker for binary options with Copy Buffett

For those of you who are looking for the right broker for binary options, the Copy Buffett offers latest and exclusive promotions for new clients. Unlike most softwares in the category of binary options, they will not accept money from brokers who would be on the list of wanted to get without sufficient quality. List of available brokers is the result of many months of work scanning, reading forums and comparing different companies. If you are a beginner in trading binary options it is always better to first know the facts and understand Copy Buffett what it is. Trading binary options with this software is actually the realization of predicting whether the price of the underlying asset will go up or down within a predetermined time period.

When you make such a prediction, bet part of your money that you have previously deposited into your account for trading binary options broker at the bank. According to analysts, you should not bet more than 20% of your account per trade for the simple reason that your investment could easily disappear. After selecting the amount of money, make a prediction on the platform, select the expiration date and wait to see if your prediction was correct.

It is very important to understand that the world of binary options with Copy Buffett is really open to all; you do not need to be an expert when it comes to economics or finance, just to understand what is recommended and what is not. Then, as soon as the binary options trader you need experience, you need to create the necessary skills to succeed in the world of binary options trading.

The most common binary option is the “High or low” in Copy Buffett, using it you can trade stocks as IDEX, commodities or foreign currencies. If the trader correctly estimate the development of the asset expiry of the option (it can be minutes, hours, days, or months) dealer pays him a fixed return (usually 90% of the invested amount) regardless of how much the asset is moved. Conversely, a trader who could not predict correctly the direction, lose their investment. Binary options offer possibilities as a very simple way to trade and speculate on price fluctuations on world markets. However, the trader must understand the risks and benefits that accrue to such investment instruments that provide a distinct, say, very fast trading, which differs from traditional investment strategies are short-term financial derivatives, which are available even novice investors with less capital.


How to start trading with Copy Buffett?

If you choose Copy Buffett to your trading, will be available to you 4 different platforms on which we will discuss below. As regards the actual trafficking, money transfers and payment of wire transfers to Britain, card payments and electronic wallets. Minimum deposits with conventional platforms represent $15 and the short-term binary options $10. An interesting offer is the ability to sell some options even during their lifetime. Selling options with his software helps to improve business strategy.

To trade with Copy Buffett, you have to put a deposit, then you do practice account, you can get there and try it what to do and if it is not for you. If it is not for you, you write them and they give you your money back. But have not in a week. You can test it at most a month. At first it’s a lottery, only gradually begin to explore the market. If you do not have sufficient financial coverage at least equal to five times the initial investment, do not go into it. It may find that the demo’s soil, then try it in real time trading. But nobody can guarantee that just misses on a bad day, which one had a lot of us yesterday, when the market behaves “differently”.

To succeed in trading binary options using Copy Buffett, it is needed mainly time and step by step to master all three pillars of success. Know how to analyze a chart, whether fundamental or technical means. Also important is the money management and especially to handle own head in real trading, thus, to confront fear of loss, greed, etc. The best way is to open a demo account and slowly get into it and create some venture capital, such as $500. Over time, if the demo account will keep for at least 1 month, start with small amount on a real account. Do not believe on quick earnings, such does not exist today.


Advantages of binary options trading with Copy Buffett

  • Possible evaluation up to 85% in a short time!
  • You do not need any exams or certificates. All you need is common sense!
  • You can already start investing with a few hundred!
  • Within half an hour you know the result of your investment!
  • When successful investment, you do your profits immediately credited to the account – so you can gradually creating capital for further business.

Bonuses for new customers for online trading of binary options trading can be claimed regardless of whether it is a new account created via computer or mobile device. Keep in mind, however, that the welcome bonus you can get only once and can establish two or more accounts with the prospect of receiving several welcome bonuses.

Copy Buffett ranks one of the most popular and most reliable binary option signal software. It operates its business in the long term since its inception in 2010. It focuses on trading binary options on Forex, shares, indices and commodities. It offers 44 stocks from around the world, equity indices 7 and 11 currency pairs. As the name suggests, the broker, it is not only focused on trading with classical binary options, but also on trading by matching options. It is a specific type of trading program, which is based on the principle of speculation pairs of stocks, rather than speculating about the share price.

Matching options trading represents a unique offer provided by the Copy Buffett. It is also the indisputable advantage, which makes him one of the most popular and interesting user-binary options signal software. In pairs we can trade currency pairs and pair events. Trading is built on two pairs of competing options. In practice this means that, for example, choose a pair of competing shares and then speculate that shares the pair will have higher returns.

The Special Trading Options of Copy Buffett

The offers by this software are quite wide. You can trade with traditional and matching options using Copy Buffett. The offer of classic options includes High and Low options and options divided by the expiration date. They are divided into short-term maturing for 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours and long-term with maturities of a few weeks.

The second groups, with which you can meet at Copy Buffett is paired options. Against each other, you can build a competitive couple of options for which you speculate which of the pair will have a higher yield. From the competing couples are both currency pairs and pairs of stocks. You can choose from pairs of shares of two organizations. With a range of several dozen pairs of European, American and Australian shares plus some couples commodities. All the shops you can try a CRT: Mock as the broker also offers a demo account binary option.

Evaluation of options, although different, but on average with Copy Buffett, it is ranging from 75% to 80%. In the future, it is anticipated expansion of the underlying assets. With the extension of the offer should also in future be more interesting appreciation. Yields we could include those above the average, as yields on currencies, commodities and equities are around 80%, revenue from short-term options even move up to around 82%, and revenues from the paired options vary by type – fixed options have a yield of 82% and floating option 15 to 200%. For Copy Buffett, you can trade through a simple and clear platform and through the 4 types of accounts, including silver, gold, platinum and VIP account. Besides these four accounts you can get a premium account. If the premium account, you’ll have $1,000, you can get your own demo account. To create an account, you need a minimum deposit of $200. Trading short-term options will be enough for only $20.

Copy Buffett – A simple and transparent trading platform

While binary option trading with Copy Buffett, you can choose an option trading methods (Call, Put, One Touch or Pairs) as well as methods for deposits and withdrawals. The payment and reimbursement of income you can use a payment card, bank transfers and electronic wallets. The trading platform of this software is simple and transparent. It is available free of charge in several languages. But if you do not understand it as a businessman, not a problem to contact either by phone, email or chat customer support. The advantage is that the platform is provided only as a version for desktop computers, but also as a mobile application for smartphones running Android or iOS.

Novice traders will be pleased that Copy Buffett also provides educational tools and materials that will give you the perfect foundation and the necessary preparation for entry into the world of trading binary options. Learn how to trade and how to conclude a transaction. It provides a good opportunity to trade binary options. In its offer has a unique item pair of options.

As for the options, which we classify according to expiration date, we divide them into short-term and long-term. Maturity of short-term options of 60, 90 seconds or also 2, 3 or 5 minutes, and the minimum deposit for this type of option is $10. Long-term options can be up to a monthly payment of a minimum deposit of $15.Revenues you encounter when trading with Copy Buffett, belong to the market for those above average. In the classic option is the promised return of up to 85% appreciation, which concerns the currency pair USD / CHF. For short-term evaluation of the options it is lower, although 71%. Average income level is around 80% appreciation here. It also promises high returns on stocks and commodities. Their appreciation is around 80%.

Binary options trading techniques with Copy Buffett

After turning on Copy Buffett, a trading platform, it will ask whether you are interested in trading in demo mode or real money. Select the desired mode and therefore continue. Now you can start trading itself. The right side of the platform you select any of the markets in which to trade. After selecting a market you will see the available instruments. It contains a limited number of instruments and it is possible that you do not find all that you see in various investment recommendations portals. If you are in the list of desired instrument you can usually perform two shares (go short / buy).

When shortening positions speculating on a fall in the price of the instrument. In practice, this means that you sell the instrument when its price is high (even if you do not have to be bought), and the price drops enough to close the position and thus the instrument will buy at a lower price. When buying speculating on a rise in the price of the instrument. This is a classic principle of buy cheap and sell high.

Using Copy Buffett, when buying and shortening position to meet with setting a trailing stop; this setting allows you to dynamically close the position at a small loss. For example, if you set a trailing stop at $100, it means that if the position falls against the highest achieved value of $100 position is closed. Let me give you an example: you can buy for the price of $100. Instrument steadily grow for the amount of $150, – and then decline sharply to $50. At this point, the Trailing Stop reacts and closes the position, with losses of $50. Trailing stop closes the instrument even in the event that this is also the gain, i.e. instrument grow by $200 and then drop back to $100, trailing stop is closed with a gain of $100.

For some people, the favorite instruments are commodities, particularly gold and oil while using Copy Buffett, but more on that some other time. The important information for commodities is the expiration date. This information can be found by clicking on “View additional data” above the chart of the commodity. This is the date when the open position in this commodity automatically closed. Expiration date enables long-term investments in commodities without the risk that someone has brought before the house, for example, corn truck. Always observe this date because you may find that you can buy a commodity investment plan, for example, for two days and suddenly the next day wake up and find that the system will automatically position closed with a loss that would have resulted in a two-day investment.


Copy Buffett – A registered signal software

Any financial institution that offers derivatives trading and other investment services must be regulated by appropriate financial authority in the territory of the country in which these services are offered directly. To enable binary options trading, Copy Buffett meets the requirements that governed the country legally. Make sure to check if it is registered in the appropriate regulatory environment.

It is important that the signal software is regulated to make the official institutions and the country you have enough credit. Choose between the signal software, who is becoming a subject of careful consideration. Choose one based in a country that is internationally credible. Most foreign countries offer various ways to protect your capital and insurance and government compensation in cases of fraud, theft or other criminal activity. If your brokerage firm engaged in similar programs, in case of an incident in the company you will be compensated.

Before delving into dismantling the various options of technical analysis that helps you predict price movements, it is the choice of the time frame charts. This is important for those who are not enough experts in binary options trading platform. Who wants to play with multiple graphs, Copy Buffett help them and prepare a strategy, uses a separate tool for displaying price charts. With Copy Buffett, you can view the current price development of different options. Price may be displayed with lines or perhaps a favorite candles. But always you will have to decide what period of time with a price display. Staying with candles, each candle always shows the opening and closing price (body candles) and the highest and lowest price (Wicks) for a period of time, a minute, five minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour.

The fundamental question is how to choose the time frame for trading binary options? The answer lies how you want to trade options in Copy Buffett. Each course can find what will suit him, and generally do not have to follow any advice, but in general, the time frame chart is better to have less or as long as the maturity of the option. This means that if we trade very quick minute option, most will follow minute charts, which will seek input to us to ensure the success of a particular price movement in our direction in the next minute, which corresponds to one candle on the chart.

If we need five minutes of trading binary options, we have a little more choices with Copy Buffett, we can watch a five-minute chart, but you need minutes. And the same applies on. When entering the store usually 15 minutes before the expiration of the option, we will probably watch most 15 minute charts. Why? Because in trading, we should prepare a plan and not enter random. So let historical chart would look for situations with a certain probability (never 100 percent) lead to some price movement.


This review on Copy Buffett is not only for experienced investor but also for beginner interested in investing and therefore take all the information with reserve. The aim of this review is to provoke discussion and that all concerned will bring valuable information and ideas to further actions. Always keep in mind that investment can be a lot to gain but a lot to lose. Set aside on free capital that can come in and affect your lifestyle and that capital invested.


Jennifer Becker

Due to the constantly proliferating questions on fraudulent brokers, binary options scams and also propagating the information from the deluded traders, we decided to write about it more, and we find the same principle to publish the individual works unfortunate experience (or warnings) directly from you with rogue brokers or investment companies.

The binary options scam especially points out the unfair methods of brokers on binary option services that can lead to scams. They are primarily Board of Managers binary options and senseless mentoring, which is designed only to reset our trading account. In extreme cases, fraudulent broker for manipulating binary option price or engages in the absurd option spreads. There are also different blogs or sites that are in the form of different stories about millionaires or spam e-mail advertising entice traders to accelerate the opening of trading account without having the basic knowledge about the behavior of prices in the market.

An important phase when choosing a broker for binary option is a regulation and, on the off chance that appropriate notification. Binary options scams include information on brokers who are unjustly shield themselves e.g. from CySEC, which may not be applicable, where appropriate, the broker has, not at all, been granted. For binary option scams, there are aslo situations where a broker gave the impression of credibility. Easily it can happen that the trader would have expected that in case, there is fraud with binary option broker, one may complain to the Office of FCA regulation.

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