Midas Touch Scam or not?

Binary options are definitely not a tool for fast and easy wealth, as we have plenty of binary trading signal softwares trying to convince traders. It can earn, but it certainly is not easy. Many people earn from the beginning, but eventually fail because they fail to keep a cool head even follow their plans and strategies. Do not repeat the same mistake. It is a review how to trade binary options with Midas Touch in a disciplined without facing any failure.


If you’d prefer to hit a long string of loss-making stores and put your account, follow the money management. It means firmly establish the highest percentage of accounts that you can invest in a single option. Less experienced traders should set up 2%, which is fifty times smaller than the account number, the more experienced traders can choose more numbers like 4% or 5% of the account. If you are a long-term trade unprofitably, at least pay attention, timely stop and not make a whole account. Otherwise, if you trade profitably although, your account grows so quickly with greater confidence. But not all brokers offer cheap option. Many places offer a minimum trade $50! It is for the beginner unavailable, unless he wanted to insert 50×50 = $ 2,500, or gamble with a small bankroll.

Open platform, about to begin trading, but you can see that prices do not move anywhere. Nothing interesting happens, no interesting business opportunity. What are you going to do? Yes! If the time comes the right time to trade is not worth trading. In this case, it is wise to either leave and come back later, or wait and continue to monitor the markets. When markets do not move anywhere, mathematics plays in favor of the broker.

Investment management with Midas Touch

The Midas Touch stories often inspire us. Lately, we have heard several stories of people who trade binary options with Midas Touch, and all had one thing in common: better investment management. Just briefly recall that under this term hides work with the business capital you have on your account. That is how much, when and how to invest. At first glance it may seem like a trivial matter, because binary options are technically very simple and not thinking outputs from the shops, so a lot of traders are introduced in this issue that simply will risk a fixed percentage of your capital on each trade.

The trading approach with Midas Touch is nothing wrong, is perfectly fine, but as we have seen in the cases of some traders sometimes escapes second dimension of this issue, and it is the number and frequency of trades. Because it’s nice to risk 2 percent per trade, but if you make 50 trades per day and often have several open positions at once, your exposure will likely be too big.Not everyone will be willing to admit it, but when this number of trades you lose concentration, err, you are under more pressure emotions with you pluck and so on. If not now, certainly when it comes several was losing trades in a row. And once surely come.

If it can happen that your account remakes per day, two or three, something is wrong. Either you risk too much, or too much trading. It may seem strange, but the so-called re-trading is a negative phenomenon, which suffered on many binary options trading. Dozens of shops in one day can theoretically be safe for very experienced trader who knows his strategy and has his emotions firmly under control, but for most people it’s more a way to losses. What is the solution? The easiest way is to limit your trading, time or number of trades. Or, depending on how you are doing. That means that if profits will come, will continue until the coming some losses, or perhaps until drops your daily profit some percent.

Optimizing binary option trading strategy with Midas Touch

When you are building a strategy for binary options with Midas Touch, you face the question of when it can start trading for real money. A corollary is that it is the conclusions formulated upon their own experiences, aged trading, it is not excluded that another trader may have a different opinion.

When you prepare a business system, you should first test their ideas on historical data. It is very easy in Midas Touch, just find the chart will move into history and see what and how you could trade. When you get your ideas concrete form, try to test your idea so that you will notice all the trades that your approach has generated over a past period, and calculate the results to determine whether the result would be a gain or loss.

Another form of limitation may lie in the maximum profit and loss, after which it will be easy to trade every day with Midas Touch. In short, there are many possibilities, but the goal should always be to protect the capital. This means that it may be possible that you have had your account within a few days. And do not forget their rules strictly. Because we have a lot of people wrote that his account of binary option trading profitably nicely into higher and higher numbers, then broken the rules, they started disproportionately to risk, came one unlucky series and two days were gone profits for several weeks or even months. It’s hard to admit it, but greed when trading binary options treading with Midas Touch reflected to a greater or lesser extent in everyone’s easy to keep it under control.

Testing binary options trading strategy with Midas Touch

Once you have certain inputs omitting or adding contrary to the rules and justify it in words, “there would”, “if”, “It would after all” and similar, going about it the wrong. All trades must be in accordance with the same rules. Of course, you can tweak these rules in Midas Touch, if you feel that a change will be beneficial overall, but then all trades retest under the new rules. With binary options is a great advantage that you do not solve the outputs from the shops, only inputs, so testing is significantly faster.

The important question is how far back in history when you go testing. Better to control the number of stores, the larger statistical sample, of course, the greater the probability that the test results will be relevant for future trading. You can definitely test your strategy in Midas Touch at least a dozen (not less than 50) trades in history to get at least a basic idea.

Pitfalls of historical testing consist of two things. In the first one we mentioned, it’s honesty towards yourself. The second fact that if the system is profitable then you can check it on a few dozen shops, but also loss systems can have a profitable series. Therefore, you need to test more, you know, whether it is a blip or a typical performance. Such testing also gives you a basic idea of what you can expect fluctuations in the number of losses in a row may come before profits come next. Accordingly, you should determine how much you invest in one shop. Dangerous traps for inexperienced traders when designing a business strategy can be optimized with Midas Touch. Trying to adjust your system for maximum performance on a sample of historical data can lead to re-optimization, so in reality, then the system will not work. Once you start adding new and new rules and filters to get rid of the individual losing trades, you are on a safe path on Midas Touch.

Modifying trading path with Midas Touch if not profitable

You must always be aware that the loss of trading binary options is one and that everything is a matter of probability and statistics. To rebuild the system because of one trade is an error, while using Midas Touch, you can modify only if it will be beneficial globally. That is why every change must be retested for all stores to make sure that the removal of a few losses here will not also eliminate many of the gains elsewhere. Simple is good, it is also true in trading. The more indicators to the graphs you bet and the more rules you have, the greater the risk that you have a strategy re-optimizing on one sample data. Follow the main prize and do not use more than two or three indicators that someone may not be used at all.

When you get to that stage you are ready trading system based on back testing, certainly with him yet drop into live trading with Midas Touch. First try it on a demo. Even here it takes several dozen stores to verify that its fair performance on binary options suits your tests. Only when you’ve gone through all these stages with satisfactory results, let go gently into live trading. Begin to accrue slowly with the lowest amounts of investment. Only when they are clear, you can raise a little more aggressively.

Build binary options strategies with Midas Touch

You can adopt various techniques that can be used in building strategies for trading binary options with Midas Touch, but keep us on the subject going queries, so in this paper we present a comprehensive guide on how to proceed if you want to create your own trading strategies. At the beginning it is important to realize that when their actions do not always follow just ahead, sometimes you go back and make changes, you can customize everything to your need in Midas Touch.

The first step in building a trading strategy in Midas Touch should be thinking when you trade binary options. It must be based on your time schedule. You will know best when you can find time to sit down to graphs and how much it will be. Someone may need an hour a day, anyone can get a few hours at a time, anyone can throughout the day, anyone can peek at the charts every hour, and so on, and everyone is doing otherwise. Why should just this get started? Because of that will depend on the choice of business style. If necessary, you can peek at the charts once in a while and they can not pay attention long time in a row, it would be appropriate to deal needed by the hourly charts, you watch every hour, hour binary options with a longer maturity. Conversely, if you need to trade two hours in a row, you can watch the charts faster and shorter-term options trading.

From your available time also reveals what markets or underlying assets can be traded. Universal are obviously Currency as they will practically will not be limited in time, in contrast to equities or commodities that are traded on world stock markets non-stop from Monday to Friday. In this step, the work begins with the price charts. We do not exclude that somebody could be traded by simple graphs in the platforms of Midas Touch, but he probably will not need this guide. Who wants to work more with graphs and test your idea that is absolutely free?

Success rate of trading with Midas Touch

Start your graphs browsing and look for situations that are repeated and that could be traded. Early on, remember that nothing ever will always profitable, each system has a loss, so that condemn such ideas at the first onset. The success rate of over 60 percent in Midas Touch is enough for decent growth account.

You can study the bare graphs, you need to draw the supports and resistance, trend lines, or use some indicators, such as the need moving averages. Be careful to indicators, use only as a guide and do not bet them in graphs, more than three are in our experience much longer and inefficient. Even here, the simplicity is power. And always try to seek input on trends and period to avoid.

For example, if you do business according to five minute charts classical binary options, high / low with the closest maturity (i.e. at least 5 minutes). For a basic understanding of graphs and trends, Midas Touch will help in moving average (blue line in chart). You can consider inputs other than the direction of growth, if the price is less; you can consider inputs other than to drop in price.

Jennifer Becker

Due to the constantly proliferating questions on fraudulent brokers, binary options scams and also propagating the information from the deluded traders, we decided to write about it more, and we find the same principle to publish the individual works unfortunate experience (or warnings) directly from you with rogue brokers or investment companies.

The binary options scam especially points out the unfair methods of brokers on binary option services that can lead to scams. They are primarily Board of Managers binary options and senseless mentoring, which is designed only to reset our trading account. In extreme cases, fraudulent broker for manipulating binary option price or engages in the absurd option spreads. There are also different blogs or sites that are in the form of different stories about millionaires or spam e-mail advertising entice traders to accelerate the opening of trading account without having the basic knowledge about the behavior of prices in the market.

An important phase when choosing a broker for binary option is a regulation and, on the off chance that appropriate notification. Binary options scams include information on brokers who are unjustly shield themselves e.g. from CySEC, which may not be applicable, where appropriate, the broker has, not at all, been granted. For binary option scams, there are aslo situations where a broker gave the impression of credibility. Easily it can happen that the trader would have expected that in case, there is fraud with binary option broker, one may complain to the Office of FCA regulation.

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