Millionaires Blueprint Scam or Fake?

Those interested in binary trading and beginners have a natural tendency to gravitate to complicated trading strategies and often succumb to the misconception that it is a set of curves of different indicators in the chart will lead to long-term profitability.


Indicators often act as something mystical, something in what their creator coded secret knowledge about the functioning of markets. On the other side of this review enumeration often is not very great affection for the use of indicators, or more specifically, the finding that only a small minority of them can be useful.

Of course it is true that everyone should use what such suits, or rather what he brings profits. However, we know that excessive expectations trader can blame it on the long journey failures, which will test dozens or hundreds of indicators, one after another, trying to find a magic combination, the Holy Grail. Believe primarily mainly on your experience, but if you want to extensively use indicators; you should have at each of at least a basic idea of what constitutes as calculated. Stock exchanges provide only three basic data – price, trading volume and time – and the vast majority of indicators are only used these data to various calculations came to the derived data, curves, and other graphic services.

The bad way is to throw one indicator chart for a second and look how their expression and interaction could be good input to the shops. The primary must always remain price. And if you already use a pointer, remember what it represents. Let’s look at an online binary trading tool, Millionaires Blueprint.


Millionaires Blueprint – A simple and intuitive

Most brokers in the market create the impression that the matters of forex trading and binary options have much in common. Millionaires Blueprint is simple and intuitive binary options trading software. Makes trading transactions such as classical high/low options, spread high/low, short on demand options and spread on demand. For short-term assessment options is the same as the conventional options (75 and 80%) and expiratory times ranging from 1 minute to 24 hours. Investors can speculate on the price of 16 currency pairs, gold and a few indices.

Trading options is spun to remotely resemble a touch options. Limit that must be overcome the price of the asset, indicating the selling price, if you predict decline in prices, or the price of purchase otherwise. For example, if the current price of the asset 1.13445, the purchase price is somewhat higher (eg. 1.13455) and the selling price is about the same difference lower (1.13435). But spreads above is not fixed and depends on the selected asset and expiration. Broker high/low for trading spreads for clients with a high appreciation of 100%.

The minimum deposit to the trading account using Millionaires Blueprint is $50, or in the case of bank transfer 10 AUD. Withdrawing money from broker is atleast $50. Lower amounts can only be selected if you are going to cancel the trading account. Individual transactions can conclude from $10 regardless of the expiration and trading of options.

Bonus demo account with Millionaires Blueprint

If you want to try the high/low trading technique with Millionaires Blueprint, it can be started without registration on the quick demo account. Practice trading account with a balance of $10,000 allows you to trade without the risk of all types of options and all underlying assets. For new clients a deposit can get up to $ 50 bonus. Broker can be contacted via email or phone. Trade is not only possible via a web platform but also through apps for smart phones with iOS or Android platform.

High/low bid certainly is not among the best practices and the absence of European regulations and the customer support are also beneficial. High/low trading practices with Millionaires Blueprint offers several unique services with other brokers. On the market there was a new binary trading broker offering Millionaires Blueprint platform. But it is not the only attraction for both beginners and advanced traders. Wide range of binary trading and the security measures taken make it competitive on the market.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made through bank transfer, credit card or online wallet. According to the trader deposit is assigned one of three trading accounts. The standard account can be started with a minimum deposit of $250 is at a disadvantage by the number of assets (probably over 80) and the highest possible appreciation (83%). To change the VIP account for investors who put $5,000 of assets offers the appreciation of up to 88%.

Depositing and withdrawing money with Millionaires Blueprint

Withdrawing money using Millionaires Blueprint can be made from $10 (in the case of bank transfer $150). For a deposit broker offering up to 100% bonus up to a maximum of $500. To obtain it is essential to carry out a transaction with a total amount of 20 times the deposit and bonus, which is really not enough. Individual transactions can be concluded from the amount of $10.

Along with the traditional High/Low options, you can be traded with pairs using Millionaires Blueprint. In terms of expiration date they are available for long and short term (minutes) option. This platform offers over 200 marketable assets that include commodities, stocks, indices and currencies. Using several different functions can create sophisticated strategies. For example, an investor can sell off the active option in the event that the situation does not develop according to the initial plans. Another business tool “Roll Over” is to delay the moment of expiration of the option for further investment. Profits are average, typically hovering just below the 80 percent threshold. One of the highest profits in the currency pair is EUR / USD and 83%.


Benefits for Clients Option trading with Millionaires Blueprint

It makes trading binary options on demo account Millionaires Blueprint. This option should be used especially beginners, who with binary options do not have much experience. There is also a mobile application for options trading. Broker access to potential clients and registered users is easy with Millionaires Blueprint, which can be determined in a live chat on the web broker where the authorized person will be happy to answer your questions. Not just because it is considered a solid and trustworthy biary trading software with whom you do not have to worry about fraud.

It has high yields, professionalism and safe trading when choosing a broker that is main requirements of most investors. That such brokers is increasing, there is a growing popularity of binary options all surprising. One other quality brokers, whose name can be still often encounter here. In addition to the high level of safety it also encourges reputable existing clients. The downside may be limited for some traders. Broker offers quality services with an emphasis on the safety of clients, but in comparison with competing brokers still lag behind due to several reasons. Except for relatively large amounts with which it must deal with stock pair, it is mainly small amount of options when trading, which is not a large number of assets.

According to the amount of the deposit, clients are assigned to the appropriate type of trading account. To obtain the cheapest high standard SILVER account with Millionaires Blueprint, but it is necessary to insert at least $1,000. That it is not suitable for beginners also confirms the fact that the primary account does not offer broker demo account. Advanced marketers will appreciate hilarious mobile application. Broker unfortunately does not offer any special features or tools that would allow to create sophisticated strategies. The investor must do so without the possibility of selling off the active option or adjust the ratio of profit/refund.

Millionaires Blueprint – A traditional and modern trading instrument

Binary options are an opportunity for individuals and society. Therefore, Millionaires Blueprint is also a global provider of financial services, relatively a new trading instrument. Although the notion of Millionaires Blueprint encountered since 2002, the history of the company dates back to the middle of the last century, when in 1965. It is headquartered in the UK and is regulated by the UK FSA. Broker inter alia holds licenses and the CNB CySEC and client deposits are insured against bankruptcy broker.

Millionaires Blueprint entrance to the field of binary options, however, about its uniqueness popular broker came. British agent had prudently focused on investors from all over the world, and its platform is available in almost twenty languages. Deposit at Millionaires Blueprint trading account (Binary) can be made by credit card, bank transfer or via Internet wallet Skrill. Minimum deposit must be at least $200 and can be rewarded with bonus points. You can trade from $10 in the case of minute options, the classic High / Low options, then the lowest possible transaction at $15.

It is traded in the usual manner. Investor first selects the underlying asset whose price will speculate. Assets are less than eighty and include stocks and indices, commodities and currency pairs. The traders also choose one of the options expiration date of the option. You can choose between long and short term (minutes) options with an expiration period begin at 60 seconds. Using the current trading can chart the development of prices and the panel, which shows a selection of other traders.

Deficiencies at Millionaires Blueprint

Although the Millionaires Blueprint platform includes many extra features, but when executing orders, react quickly and sometimes completely stuck. Similar situations are indeed very rare, but it certainly would not occur.

The fundamental problem displayed in graphs, some times. It noticed that expiratory prices do not match the displayed values. Broker can review the graph showing the purchase price i.e. strike price. When you enter into a transaction, you get along really from the displayed price, which is fine. But at expiration, broker reacts based on market spot price, which in the graph is obviously not displayed. It lists these prices on the site, although you can find, but it’s amazing why Millionaires Blueprint does not operate with a single price level as other brokers do.

Although yields are compared to the competition above average, but it is not significantly. They range 70% -85% with traditional high / low options. It is worth mentioning mobile application for Android and iOS, particularly suitable for trading on the move. The disadvantage of this trading platform is that the broker does not provide registered users with a demo trading account. Clients must also do without the possibility sold off active options. Testimonials and experiences with Millionaires Blueprint are in an overwhelming majority positive. Therefore, the broker has a strong client base, although the possibility of trading options offer far too long. Because it is not associated with any fraud, the brokers are known for high quality and trustworthy.


Basic Functions of Millionaires Blueprint

On this platform, Millionaires Blueprint provides basic functions such as doubling the investment and the extension of the expiration date. There are very few assets reach at least 80% (EUR / USD, 82%), on average, the return of classic option is not even 75%. Brokers can bring their bids to compete with most brokers, however, the fundamental things as appreciation remains far behind.

Likewise, your can do binary trading business with minimal investment. In high-risk minute options, it is possible to conclude a transaction that is, from $5, but for other types of options, the minimum amount per transaction is $25. Compared with most online trading softwares, it is more than twice. For advanced traders, perhaps such amount is acceptable, but most beginners can certainly prefer smaller investments. High investment also requires higher capital. The ideal is to trade with amounts up to 5% of the total budget, so for an investor to trade the classic options need at least $ 500.

Withdrawing funds from the trading account is limited to the minimum amount of $100. Broker unfortunately does not bring anything new to binary options market. In fundamental ways, in addition it limping a bit, and finally begs the question why the company bears the Banc de Swiss. One would be to seem that the broker wants to benefit from the good reputation of Swiss banking, because it is not able to get yourself positive feedback.


Jennifer Becker

Due to the constantly proliferating questions on fraudulent brokers, binary options scams and also propagating the information from the deluded traders, we decided to write about it more, and we find the same principle to publish the individual works unfortunate experience (or warnings) directly from you with rogue brokers or investment companies.

The binary options scam especially points out the unfair methods of brokers on binary option services that can lead to scams. They are primarily Board of Managers binary options and senseless mentoring, which is designed only to reset our trading account. In extreme cases, fraudulent broker for manipulating binary option price or engages in the absurd option spreads. There are also different blogs or sites that are in the form of different stories about millionaires or spam e-mail advertising entice traders to accelerate the opening of trading account without having the basic knowledge about the behavior of prices in the market.

An important phase when choosing a broker for binary option is a regulation and, on the off chance that appropriate notification. Binary options scams include information on brokers who are unjustly shield themselves e.g. from CySEC, which may not be applicable, where appropriate, the broker has, not at all, been granted. For binary option scams, there are aslo situations where a broker gave the impression of credibility. Easily it can happen that the trader would have expected that in case, there is fraud with binary option broker, one may complain to the Office of FCA regulation.

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